The success of any organization is the culmination of the efforts of each individual involved.

It begins with a thought, which is then organized into ideas and plans, and ultimately transformed into reality. The founders of LINIT, Nitin Karjatkar and Lily Karjatkar, left their careers at a multinational company to start this venture and have since devoted their tireless efforts to see it flourish. Having been employees themselves, they understand the importance of recognizing and nurturing the aspirations of their team members.

At Linit, we recognize that every individual is motivated by different things and, therefore, we strive to create an environment that fosters growth and inspires each person to work hard. Our organization has a total manpower strength of over
599 employees, spread across eight locations including our Head Office in Borivali, Mumbai and seven other plants dedicated to CNC/VMC machine shop, foundry, logistics and warehousing.

We are proud of our organizational structure, which empowers our staff to perform to the best of their abilities. Our team consists of professionals with diverse educational backgrounds such as MBA's, engineers, IT professionals, finance and accounts professionals, quality professionals, and supporting staff, who work together seamlessly to tackle global challenges.

Women have played a pivotal role in driving LINIT's success. Of our 94 team members, 40 are women, with 18 of them being engineers. At Linit, we recognize the importance of fostering innovation and promoting new ideas. To achieve this, we organize special events dedicated to new thinking and look outside ourselves for inspiration.

One such event is the Linit Premiere League, a cricket match that takes place every year in February, between teams from various departments. Our 300 employees, including CNC/VMC operators, QA Engineers, Helpers, and Packers, practice year-round to showcase their skills and talent. We also appoint engineers and MBA's regularly to infuse existing teams with new ideas and strengths based on their individual capacities, helping them to grow and take on greater responsibilities.

At Linit, we believe that taking care of our employees is a top priority, and we provide them with a group mediclaim insurance policy, gratuity, PF, ESIC, and other benefits. We follow an official code of conduct, and our team members work together to make every endeavor good, important, and special.

Currently, we are actively seeking career-oriented and hard-working professionals in the fields of quality assurance, production vendor development, customer support, and supply chain. At Linit, we strive to create an inclusive and diverse work environment, where all team members can thrive and contribute to our continued success.