We provide ready-to-assemble "As Cast or Fully Machined" from Castings or from Bar Stock components for Gate Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Control Valves, Spindle Valves and other customized valves. Some of the main Valve components we provide are: Valve Bodies, Adaptors, Bonnets, Discs, Balls, Wheels, Covers, Shafts, Spindles, Stems Seats.

Hot Forged:

Hex Bolts, Round Bolts, T-Bolts, Hex Nuts, Special Nuts, M27 and above.

Plugs & Pins, Washers and Rings:

Turned Plain & Cup Washes, Taper Washers, Special Washers, Adjusting Rings, Pins & Plugs.


M3 (Dia 3 & above)

Turned or Machined Screws, Bolts & Studs:

Slotted Screws, Knurled Screws, Capstan Screws, Shear Bolts & Engineering Studs.

Turned or Machined Nuts:

Coupling Nuts, Collar Nuts, Castle Nuts, Dome Nuts, Pipe Nuts, Shear Nuts, Knurled Nuts, Lock Nuts, Eye Nuts, Wing Nuts, Sleeve Nuts, Byloc Nuts, Case Nuts, Rivet Bush, Studs Washers & other specail fasteners made as per drawing.