Careers With Linit


Mr.Amit Patil

Sr. Manager - Operations - Fasteners Division

I'am working in Linit Exports Pvt. Ltd. Since 1st September 2003 i.e. more than seventeen years. To be honest enough, I had never feel that, I am the employee of this organisation.My directors have always given me sense of ownership & freedom to work. Being one of the senior member, it is my privilege that, I had seen the real growth of our organisation from a trading firm to in-house manufacturing unit. When I joined Linit, it was a very small office in 12, Tirupati Udoyg, Goregaon with basement. Then we move to G-1 & 2 at Siddharth & now we have very big KT Sapphire Building. One thing I remembered very well, when we had moved to Siddharth, many people had doubts whether we can fully utilise that space or not. But within 2-3 years, we had found that, Siddharth was too small for us & that was the real sign of growth. Behind all these achievements & milestones, there are a lot of efforts take by all members of team & all respective departments. But Hats off to our Directors, they are really dedicated, ambitious, co-operative, knowledgeable, self motivated & very down to earth persons. The way our Directors handle all crunch situations, is really something to learn from them. I am very proud to be a member of our team & really looking forward to have my part in all future growth of company.

Mrs.Sayali Sawant

Sr. Manager - Finance and Accounts

I'am working in Linit Exports Pvt. Ltd. since more than last ten years. I joined Linit as an Accountant in December 2006, got promoted in 2008 to Sr. Accountant & in 2010 as Deputy Manager - Finance & Audit. It has always been a growing trend not only because of my hard work but also due to proper guidance & co-operation from the Directors of my Company. They are ever encouraging to take up new jobs related to my Profile and I have learnt quite a lot from them. I started my career from 1998. Prior to Linit, I collectively had an experience of 8 years in Accounts, but I have never been a part of such an organised Company, Frankly speaking, Linit is not only Company for all of us but more like a family & that is because of our Directors (Mr. & Mrs. Karjatkar). They take care of every employee like their own family member. They are supremely dedicated, ambitious & self motivated persons. They handle all problems spiritually & carefully be it Financial, Legal, Production, Business expansion, Admin, etc. I am very proud to be a part of Linit Exports Pvt. Ltd. & wish to grow my Company constantly.

Mrs.Asha Yadav - SCM

Dy. Manager - Supply Chain Management

It's been over 10 years in Linit, really a long period. I have seen company's growth & along with it even I have grown. One of the unique feature of Lint is "Flat Organisation" no hierarchy at all, one single family, example of togetherness, integrity. We have been given every single opportunity to prove our self, to prosper our talent & skills. Truly i am thankful to be part of such a talented team, it has proven to be a good experience for me, i have been able to develop both personally & professionally. I would really thanks the management of Linit for making me what I am today.

Mr.Purushottam G. Chillore

Assitant Manager -Â Assistant MR

LINIT since April 14. Outstanding people ,supportive management & working for company that helps people to prove that “Your Turning Point...” is the key to attract and the reason continue to stay. I think the most rewarding career moves are those that allow you to apply and utilize your past experiences, accomplishments and interests while still offering opportunity both personally & professionally. A life without passion & purpose is merely an existence. At LINIT , I have found purpose in working with clearities. I cherish to being a part of LINIT.

Mr.Niraj Sawant

Asst. Manager - Packing & Shipping

I have pratically grown up at Linit as far as my career is concerned. 9 years out of my 11-year career have been spent with the Linit family and I must say these have been years well spent. I joined here as a Office Asst & Raw material supervisor and the kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself. After joining in Linit I have able to purchase my own home in Mumbai. Management has helped me for the same. Without their help this cannot be possible at that time. There are so many thing which I have done only because of Linit. I can proudly say that I work for an organisation that encourages you to be innovative, gives you the freedom to do things the way you want to do. One of the good things about Linit is its open and free culture. The Management is approachable and receptive of new ideas. You have an opportunity to grow by your own efforts. Every contribution & effort will be solemnly recognized by the Management and you become one of the prominent members in the history books.