The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual. First comes thought; then organisation of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality.

The Promoters Nitin Karjatkar and Lily Karjatkar who gave up their careers with a Multi National Company to start Linit have spared no efforts in seeing it Fly and soar.

Having been in employment themselves, they understand the only way to get people to like working hard is to understand their Aspirations.

Today, people must understand why they are working hard. Every individual in an organisation is motivated by something different.

Linit with its total Manpower strength of over 300 employees at six locations:

Plant-1: VASAI (NEAR MUMBAI)CNC-VMC MACHINE SHOP, Vasai, Near Mumbai - 2900 SQM.
Plant-2: RAJKOT CNC/VMC/ VTL MACHINE SHOP, Rajkot,Gujrat - 3100 SQM.
Plant-3 (Foundry): SOLAPUR FOUNDRY DIVISION Solapur, Maharashtra - 5000 SQM.
Plant-4: SATIVALI Logistics / Warehousing Vasai, Near Mumbai - 2000 SQM.
Plant-5: PELHAR-VASAI / Raw Material Warehousing, Vasai Near Mumbai - 1000 SQM.

And has created an organisational structure that doesn't get in the way of its staff. We have a fantastic team of 111.


You can't build an adaptable organisation without adaptable people that come from various educational backgrounds. MBA's, Engineers, IT Professionals, Finance and Accounts Professionals, Quality Professionals and a supporting staff together create a Magic by facing Global challenges.

Women have been the driving force at LINIT. Of the 94 team Members - 40 are women Employees and 18 of these are Engineers.

Like any other organisation Linit is rearing to spark new ideas. This is done by creating a special event dedicated to new thinking.
The other is to look outside themselves to stimulate solutions.

Special Events at Linit:

The Linit Premiere League: Cricket Match happening every year in February, between teams of various departments. All 300 employees, especially, CNC/VMC operators, QA Engineers, Helpers & Packers practice all the year round and display their sharpening skills and Talent.

To infuse existing Teams with new Ideas and strengths - Linit regularly appoints Engineers and MBA's, who, based on their individual capacities grow and take on greater responsibility.

Linit has for all its Employees a Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy, Gratuity, PF, ESIC, etc. all in place.

The People @ Linit Follow an Official Code of Conduct and together

Make it Good --- Make it Important ---- Make it Special.

Linit is currently looking for career-oriented, hard-working professionals in the field of Quality Assurance, Production Vendor Development, Customer Support and Supply Chain.

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